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Toxic Underground Live 1-31-15.. People helping people.. And Meet Almost Anywhere..

Toxic Underground Live 1-31-15.. People helping people.. And Meet Almost Anywhere 4 Serious kick you in the face Rock and Roll Dolls..Mature in art and Music beyond ther Teen years..and thank you from Toxic crew to Almost anywhere for the Kind Gifts!!!!! THEY ROCK \m/ Listen in… .



Host Kitt Jones

Co Host: Jess. AND Rob and of course eng. Auzzy…

Advocate radio coming to Kaotic-Every Sat from 4-5pm With your Host: Jessica Garcia


Toxic Undergreound Live Live in studio!

Toxic Undergreound Live 1-10-2015-Thatdronshow Live in studio!meet Dave ans Sarah Oneal from
We talk about The International Drone Day.. Drone and just talk.. Great Show listen in!!!

Toxic Underground Live 12-06-14-The Drone Expo

Kieth from the Tesla foundation group Calls in as a special guest, talks about the future of not only droning but tech and Jobs.. I.E Economy Drone Expo 12-13-2014-be there more information –

RJ-Haddy Interview

Have a listen to RJ Haddy from Face Off on SciFi Channel

Toxic Underground Christopher, We Talk Stress!!!

Toxic Underground Christopher, We Talk Stress!!! what causes and how to release it from your life, That drone Show we Talk to David about the future of Drones and all about getting started,Special Guest Mr. David Flores joins Toxic to share his new music project and talks about Rock the Arts… listen in….

9/23/14 – Toxic Underground

T.A. Anderson in Studio!

Welcome to Toxic Underground Live-

Toxic underground has been around for over 5- Years. First a AM favorite for thousands of listeners and a advocate for Bands, comedians and entertainers alike.. Started by Kitt Jones, DJ Kylo and Church back in 2009. After a Small wrinkle with Management over content ownership, Toxic Left the AM world to pursue The webContinue Reading

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